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On the river 2008

Posted on 7/31/2008 8:55:14 PM
Author: Joel Schipper

OEL: BIG Beach downtown South Bend?? 7/31/'08

Hey all...

Who needs St. Joe's Silver Beach when you can have a beach in downtown South Bend.  I know it's weird but hear me out - it's actually really cool.  This Saturday, August 2, downtown South Bend is being turned into a sandy haven of food, music, and drinks.  It's called "On the River 2008" and will be located on Colfax along the river. 

Here is where it gets really interesting.  More than 1,500 tons (yes, tons) of sand is being trucked in for the beach party (which benefits a great cause - more on that later).  Lots of palm trees will be brought in, volleyball courts will be set up for a tournament, there will be a huge stage, lots of live musical acts, TONS of really yummy Caribbean food, and of course LOTS of drinks.

FYI, this is a 21 and over event. 

But why an event like this?  It is to benefit the Center for the Homeless in downtown South Bend.  It will be a really fun night and the proceeds will benefit a great local cause - can't go wrong with that!  Here's the info:

On the River 2008

3 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Located on Colfax Ave. along the river (South of the Commerce Center)

Tickets $10 in advance  (at Coveleski Stadium box office) and $15 at door (cash only).

It's a rain or shine event and since it's supposed to be 93 degrees on Saturday this is a GREAT way to stay cool, have great food, great drinks, hear and see live music, and benefit a great local organization - the Center for the Homeless. 

For more info go the official website:

See you there!!  


p.s. Don't forget to bring your back to school supplies for WNDU's annual "Pack-a-backpack" drive THIS Saturday from 7 a.m. - 10 a.m here at the WNDU studios or a Meijer location!


Amanda Miller joins the Development Team

Posted on 7/21/2008 3:04:05 PM
Author: Amanda Miller

I'd like to introduce myself as the new Events Coordinator here at the Center for the Homeless.  I am so excited to come on board such a dedicated, lively and good-hearted staff!

I was born and raised here in South Bend, where I attended John Adams High School.  I graduated from Northwestern University in 2007 with a degree in English literature and sociology. 

After graduation, I completed a year of national service through the AmeriCorps*VISTA program.  I was happy to accept a placement back in South Bend, and I spent a year as the Development Coordinator at the Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County.  My love and respect for this community deepened significantly.  I knew I wanted to continue working in South Bend at a place where people really cared about others and worked tirelessly to make the world a better place. 

As idealistic as that sounds, that's what I've found here.  I've been here just under a month, and I am regularly struck with how generous, creative, determined and talented the people at the Center are—staff and guests alike.  I'm thrilled to be part of such a wonderful community.

I am so excited to be a part of this place, and especially to begin working on the Center's fundraising events.  I am confident that this year, the Center's 20thanniversary, we will make things even bigger and better than ever!

On the River 08

Posted on 7/10/2008 1:25:39 AM
Author: Center for the Homeless events

On Saturday, August 2nd South Bend is going to be exposed to "On the River `08"…the very first party of its kind.

Take 1,500 tons of sand, dump it in DTSB and add in palm trees, a huge main stage, live music, volleyball, fireworks and great island themed food and beverages. Combine all that with thousands of people who love to have fun in the sun and throw in some social consciousness and you've got "On the River `08!"

Thanks to the generosity of many area businesses and individuals, all proceeds from On the River `08 will benefit the Center for the Homeless.


$10 in advance online or at Coveleski Box Office or $15 at the gate


$120 per team

For tickets and volleyball

Questions? Contact Jacqueline Kronk

at (574) 282 8700 ext 424 

Poverty has many faces.

Posted on 7/7/2008 9:33:51 AM
Author: Sheila Payne

Poverty has many faces.

I've been thinking a lot about poverty since reading Connie Bower's letter in the Sunday, June 1 Voice of the People.  Ms. Bower stated that "poverty is a personal choice – it's just that simple."  But it'snot that simple.  It's so complicated that after a week writing and re-writing and re-writing responses to Ms. Bower trying to explain poverty in a different way, I realized that I can't write that in a letter – it would take a book – and that all I can say is that having worked at the Center for the Homeless for the past five years, I've seen many, many different kinds of poverty.  Generational poverty is different from situational poverty.  Family poverty is different from the poverty an individual may face.  Working poverty is different from disabled poverty.

It's true that poverty often is the result of unfortunate choices, and that's something we talk about with the guests here at the Center.  But usually I don't have to tell a guest about bad choices – usually he or she tells me about choices.  "I dropped out of school and now I wish I hadn't."  "I knew I shouldn't have stayed in that relationship."  "I never should have left that job."  Our guests know about choices, and they own their choices.  They take responsibility for their choices.

The thing is, though, they don't stop there.  They also tell me about the choices they are making now.  "I'm working really hard in Adult Ed. right now because I'm scheduled to take the GED next month."  "He called me again but I told him I can't get involved right now, I have to focus on getting myself out of here."  "It feels so good to be working again." 

I'm proud of the choices these men and women make.

Beyond choices, though, we have to recognize that poverty is a huge, tough, complex social phenomenon.  It's not just about personal choices.  Sometimes it's about culture, sometimes it's about injustice, sometimes it's about social systems that just don't work … the choices that bring a person to poverty are made within an environment that often makes it difficult for a person to make the right choice.  That's not an excuse – it's just something that anyone interested in ending poverty must understand.  We can talk about personal choices and wash our hands of the problem, or we can work to understand why those choices are made, in hopes of changing our society to make the right choices clearer and more attainable.

As difficult as it is to understand poverty, it's near-impossible if you haven't had the opportunity to meet, know and understand a good number of the diverse individuals experiencing poverty.  So I'd like to invite Ms. Bower and everyone else in the Michiana community to come to the Center for the Homeless and meet the good, strong, honest people who are working to get themselves out of poverty.  Again, I am proud to know these people.  I am humbled to see how hard they work – harder than I've ever had to work in my life.  And I am honored to watch as they make new choices and change their lives.



Posted on 7/7/2008 9:30:09 AM
Author: Center for the Homeless


Open Division: Alexandra Brinker and Sharon Brinker
3.5: Nancy Guerrant and Nancy Franger
3.0: Denise Keller and Amy Huchko

Many thanks to Shelly Whitney and the South Bend Racquet Club for hosting a great tournament!! Stay tuned for more tournaments in the future!

Questions? Contact Jacqueline Kronk

at (574) 282 8700 ext 424 or email.