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Poor, but rich in the Spirit

Posted on 5/21/2008 2:35:10 PM
Author: Peter Lombardo

For all of its twenty years of service to the homeless and less fortunate of Michiana, the Center for the Homeless has been the beneficiary of many generous acts from a multitude of people who live here. People in this community have supported the Center and its almost 200 guests in an extraordinary way for all these years. Rarely has this kindness and generosity of spirit been more in evidence than it was for supper on Sunday, May 18.



On that Sunday evening, members of the Word Believers Deliverance Church bought, cooked and served supper to our guests. More than 20 people from the church were involved in doing this – cooking at their homes on Sunday, bringing everything here, heating it up and serving the meal. Many of them also ate with the guests and shared the bounty of life together.

The congregation is far from a wealthy, suburban one. Its church is an older structure out on Prairie Avenue, and many of the assembly are minority individuals and poor by the world’s standards. Several of our guests are members of the church, especially a few of our young adults. The pastor with whom I had met and to whom I had spoken seemed to be a very conscientious and spiritual man; a member of the congregation who had come to the homeless center to talk about details for the meal, despite her physical challenges, was outgoing and kind.

As I said, the people are poor. But this is a story of "poor, but rich in the Spirit." To buy some of the chicken that they were going to serve, one church member, I've been told, used her May food stamps for the purchase; it is to be her tithe to the church for the year. Another member, one of our guests, used 1/2 of his May food stamp allotment to buy some of the food. There may be others who did this too.

I'm not sure if I've ever heard of an act more generous, or one more in keeping with the generosity the local community has always shown to the CFH.

Thank you for making the 2008 Miracle Auction a wild success!

Posted on 5/13/2008 12:36:20 AM
Author: Center for the Homeless




winners of the 2008 “Dancing With Our Stars” Competition!

We at the Center for the Homeless are thrilled at the chance to transform the energy from this magnificent evening into life-changing services for our guests. We were able to raise $215,000! 

To view you favorite dancer's smooth moves.

Steve Camilleri and Nicole Pliske:
Phil Newbold and Mara McDonald:
Ruth Friend and Matt Smith:
Sherry Swank and Caleb Aleman:
Jeff Rea and Traci Benford:
Frances Shavers and Brian O'Day:
Matt Money and Ruth Wickey:
Holly Harris and Matt Smith:


A day in the Early Childhood Education Center

Posted on 5/11/2008 11:41:47 PM
Author: Vanessa Ingole

Most days in the PEDS Program are very regimented and scheduled.  Breakfast usually lasts between 15 - 30 minutes, depending on what we're serving and how fast the children eat it!  A few of our children eat quickly, even hoarding what they are given....afraid that it will be taken away.  But then there is PANCAKE DAY!

Every now and then, we slow the pace of our morning routines and the children are given pancakes for breakfast!  This has to be one of their favorites treats!  On one particular day last week, we decided to take a few tables outdoors and let the children eat outside with the sunshine and beautiful weather!  We set the tables with flowers and served blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon, banana slices and orange juice.  Boy, did they eat!  One of our toddlers and one of the two year olds seemed to be competing as each one ate as much as the other...a total of 2 1/2 pancakes a piece!

It really warms my heart when we are able to offer a nice breakfast like that.  Most days we depend on instant oatmeal, cereal bars or canned fruit.  Sometimes cereal is available if we receive a milk donation.  Bacon, cheese, yogurt, eggs, bread, orange juice and other perishable food items are a rare treat because those items aren't regularly donated.  Although we greatly appreciate the food donations that are made to the Center for the Homeless, those items are usually non-perishable foods, which doesn't always allow us to offer a broad spectrum of nutritious items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein.

For those of you who may be interested in finding a way to make a difference in the life of our children, you might consider donating a grocery store gift card.  This would allow us to purchase items from other food groups so that we can be sure to meet the nutritional needs of our littlest guests.

Can't wait for another pancake day.