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The Underground Railroad

Posted on 2/22/2008 9:45:07 AM
Author: David Evans

The story of the Underground Railroad is an epic of high drama, moral courage, religious inspiration, and unexpected personal transformations played by a cast of extraordinary people. For generations Americans thought of the Underground Railroad as made up of mostly high-minded white people condescending to assist terrified and helpless blacks. Only recently have African Americans begun to be restored to their rightful place at the center of the story. But, the Underground Railroad is no more "black history" than it is "white history," and it swept into its orbit courageous Americans of every color. "It was the country's very first racially integrated civil rights movement in which whites and blacks worked together for six decades before Civil War, taking great risks together and saving tens of thousands of lives together." Fergs M. Bordwhich

Staff and guests at the Center for the Homeless worked together to put together a breath-taking performance, it was a history lesson we will always remember.

CFH Car Donation Program Spokesman Wins Daytona 500!

Posted on 2/17/2008 7:35:00 PM
Author: Center for the Homeless

Congratulations to South Bend native Ryan Newman, who just won the 50th running of the Daytona 500!

Newman has been the CFH Car Donation spokesman for a number of years. Check out the Center for the Homeless website to see his ad's and to learn more about how you can donate your vehicle.

For more information on Ryan Newman, visit

Join us on the red carpet

Posted on 2/12/2008 11:07:18 AM
Author: Center for the Homeless

Join us on the red carpet at the new Hilton Garden Inn. This is a new and exciting event, it's not your average CFH auction. New location, new auction items, plenty of surprises. For tickets or sponsorship information please contactJacqueline Kronk at (574) 282 8700 or emailWant to help? Join a committee by contacting Whitney Nickle at (574) 282 8700 ext 354 or email

For more information, visit

FEBRUARY 15, 2008

Posted on 2/12/2008 11:00:45 AM
Author: Center for the Homeless

Please join us in congratulating our guests for the accomplishments they have made through their consistent dedication and commitment to succeed and reach their individual goals. These guests are now skilled, trained, able and ready. They are finally able to take those first, life-changing steps they have worked so hard to reach.

To RSVP, contact Jacqueline Kronk at (574) 282 8700 ext 424 or email


Exciting News!

Posted on 2/6/2008 11:32:37 PM
Author: Jacqueline Kronk

We have exciting news! Under the leadership of Micki DeCicco and Aaron Perri (two of our young professionals and volunteers), we are pleased to announce the Young Professionals Against Poverty's first trivia night. Held on Friday March 7th at Legends of Notre Dame, the event promises to be a memorable evening. Doors will open at 6:30 and then trivia will begin at 7:30 sharp.


We will have 22 tables of 10 people. We are not selling individual tickets, but rather entire tables at $150 ($15/person). Table price includes appetizers, trivia and the opportunity for a cash prize. If you and your friends/families/co-workers/parents are interested, please email me ASAP at to reserve your table. Keep in mind a great team will have a mixture of people of all ages (must be 21 and older). We have already sold 7 of the tables and they are going fast! Please be sure to let me know who your team captain is, as your reservation will be under that name.


Important payment information: All checks should be made out to the Center for the Homeless and mailed attention to Jacqueline Kronk. All tables must be paid in full ($150) prior to the event. No individual payments will be accepted. Deadline for payment is March 1st- if you do not submit payment at that time we will release your reservation and open it up to another party.


This will be a great night and all proceeds benefit our programs here at the Center for the Homeless.  Many thanks to Legends, Aaron and Micki for hosting the event. If you have not been to a trivia night before, this will be a perfect start.    



Something special

Posted on 2/6/2008 11:21:48 PM
Author: Lindsey Blackford

Hi! My name is Lindsey and I work with the infant to 3yr olds at CFH. I have been working here for roughly three months and already I have been a part of something special.


That something special is seeing the guests here working to better their life. Not just for themselves, but for those around them; the community and their families. Everyday I am amazed to hear what a certain guest is overcoming, and how the staff is working endlessly to help them. This creates an atmosphere of endless hope. And it warms my heart to know that the community continues to give life to this endless hope



This is seen is the countless donations that arrive each week, whether it be food, monetary gifts, clothing or hygiene items. From the "smallest" to the "biggest" donations, it does not go unseen or unappreciated. And to see this out pouring of generosity and that "something special" gives me as a staff member more strength to go the extra mile in my work life and in my personal life.


If you're looking for a cute smile to warm your heart, come by and visit us sometime.



Lindsey Blackford





A Heartfelt thanks

Posted on 2/6/2008 8:28:56 AM
Author: Vanessa Ingole

A Heartfelt Thanks.


"Once again, the South Bend community came to our rescue!  A recent influx of children to our infants classroom, left us without the proper equipment to care for them.  Our incredible development team got the word out right away that we had a need and the responses came in immediately!  We have received everything we have asked for and then some....diapers of all sizes, cribs, highchairs, baby monitors, crib sheets, blankets, bottles, baby food and formula. 


Thank you, thank you Michiana for loving these kids as much as I do!