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Touching Story

Posted on 10/26/2009 11:45:30 PM
Author: Erin Lunter

Today when I was briefly at the front desk, a young boy came in looking very concerned and on the verge of crying. He was about 10 and dressed in Notre Dame garb. I asked if he needed something and he asked if we knew where the Marriott Garden Hotel was. BJ and I both told him that it was downtown and quite a walk. I finally got out of the boy that he had been tailgating with his father and brother and was angry after an argument so he walked away. The boy got lost and eventually ended up at our door all the way from his tailgate on campus. We called his father's cellphone with no response but a few minutes later his father called to see who had called. His father asked us where we were located and how to get there to pick up his son. 

I interjected and offered to take his son to him considering the traffic of a home game weekend, the fact that they were from out of town, and the possibility that the father had been drinking. The boy waited patiently int he lobby and was approached by Eli Quiroz who offered him some kind words. A few minutes later we jumped in the car and I drove him to campus where we met up with the family. The father didn't seem very happy with his son of course, but wasn't angry either, mostly revlieved that he had finally found his boy. I said how glad I was that he had walked into our doors so that someone could make sure he found his family. I found out that the family was from New York and the father was an ND graduate. I was about to leave when the father got out his wallate. He pulled out what I thought was a $20 bill and asked me to "do something good with it". I looked down at what was actually a $100 bill and tears began to enter my eyes. I told him how thankfull I was and how he didn't need to do this at all, but that his money would be used to help the Center. When I, choked up, asked for his name he did not give one but the boy's name was Jack. I again thanked them and left. 

Although this was a very simple experience, I think we sometimes get so caught up in what we can do for ourselves and not what we can do for others. We are here to serve 'lost' individuals who may have nowhere else to go. Today I realized that we all are lost at times, and it is the random events such as the one I experienced today that make us realize how lucky we acctually are. Small acts of kindness can make monumental differences. I am also hoping that this experience showed this young boy and his father a different side of what they may have been taught of the homeless population.

Thank You

Posted on 10/26/2009 11:43:44 PM
Author: Andrew Wolfe

A wonderful donation came into the Center today.  A gentleman who did not want to fill a donor slip, nor did he appear to even want a thank you, dropped off a case of brand new caps and gloves.  The box still had the shipping order form in it with the cost of the items/total cost of order.  He must have order them specifically with us in mind.  So, when he received them he did not even open up the box.  He simply walked in and handed them over the counter and said, "Enjoy."

We handed out all 108 pairs of knit gloves and 108 knit skull caps tonight.  Talk about a timely, needed donation...!  The Guests were extremely appreciative and thankful for the blessing.   Not too often I can honestly say it was a very nice Monday, today.